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This Fade lineup on Bind reveals hard defenders throughout the team

Our Fade lineup comes with a lot of options for defense. Seek out the best deal on rat points to get the right combo for your game this season.



It’s not easy to get around Bind’s rat corners. If you’re having trouble with those tricky rat points, Fade’s Haunt is the cure-all you need.

Fade, Valorant’s most recent initiator, is a direct rival to Sova, but Fade has an edge thanks to her nightmare equipment. Using her Prowler ability, the agent can double down on Intel gathered, further weakening the opposition. Fade’s learning curve is much lower, but Sova’s shock can accomplish the same thing. Because of these factors, she is receiving a lot of picks on smaller maps.

The agent on Bind may prove to be pleasantly useful at times. Because of Fade’s Haunt ability, otherwise obscured angles can be seen clearly. But everything is clear to Fade’s keen vision.

Where can I find instructions for erasing Bind A with Fade?

Using Haunt, Fade can navigate around nearly every confined area of Bind’s A site. It can be thrown at the highest point of the bomb to make sure it takes in every angle. This particular Fade on Bind lineup accomplishes that goal. Captures foes even in remote parts of Bind.


In order to join this lineup, head to A short’s tiny plant gallery and hop up onto the wooden crate there. You can aim under the block now. In order to activate the Haunt ability, press the jump key. At the peak of the leap, let go of the eye to expose the foes at A. The Haunt clings to the nearby stable object, and a metal antenna is picked up. The ability always stays true to the steepest angle on the A site, making any and all defenders visible.

The bench, triple crates, and deep lamps are all visible in this Fade lineup on Bind, making it superior to others. Some of these potentially hazardous points are omitted from other lineups that stick to the roof.

With this formation, invaders can confidently march straight into bomb site A. Agents like Breach, who can quickly capitalize on the new information and deal significant damage, are a good fit for this lineup.

Is Viper a reliable Bind agent?

Viper’s ultimate attack can be devastating against Bind’s smaller bomb points. Since Bind’s sites and entrances are so close together, Viper’s equipment is a clear advantage.


Hookah, for instance, can take you straight to B, and the showers are just off of A. With enough time and space, Viper can easily plant the Spike in Shower and Hookah’s ultimate if she gets close enough. Because the poison pit extends throughout the area, her team can move freely in any direction they like to reach the bomb’s focal point.

There are defenders in every direction in this Fade lineup on Bind, as seen previously on