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There is one easy way to get a unicorn Power Cores: Perform in Tower of Fantasy

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In Tower of Fantasy, you can acquire a variety of cool-looking cars. Among the others, one of these cars jumps out. This is due to the fact that it is a unicorn. That’s accurate. You can construct a unicorn vehicle to ride around on if you take the appropriate course of action and gather all the required materials. How to get the Unicorn Power Core in Tower of Fantasy is explained in this post.

What to do in Tower of Fantasy to obtain the Unicorn Power Core?

There are a few procedures you must follow in order to receive the Unicorn Power Core. You must first prepare a fiddlehead pie. You’ll need Fiddlehead and Brown Rice to complete this. In meadows all around the Navia region, brown rice can be found, while in the Banges region, fiddlehead can be found close to factories. To prepare the fiddlehead pie, you’ll need at least two of each ingredient.

Once the fiddlehead pie is prepared, head to the Miner’s Camp in the Crown region. Find a big, purple crystal-like formation against a cliff wall by looking around the region. Shiny Residue is the object you’ll find next to this crystal. Take it up.

Make your way to Stoker’s location with both goods in your possession. Where the big bones are in the river, near the Miner’s Camp, is where you can find him. You can pass through a slit in the metal by climbing the pipes close to the bones. A sign is also present.


Give Stoker the Shiny Residue you got from talking to him. He’s going to ask for a fiddlehead pie. He will offer you the Ore Extract in exchange if you also give him the pie. Return to where you obtained the Shiny Residue using the Ore Extract. There are three machines in front of the huge crystal.

The machines must be turned on and set to the appropriate gearing. In the picture above, the gears are identified. The machines in the image are arranged with the furthest one in gear 3, the middle one in gear 1, and the nearest one in gear 2. The huge crystal will be blasted open by the machines when they are set to the proper gearing. To get the Unicorn Power Core, engage the heap that separates.