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There are many ways to get Rice in Tower of Fantasy

A simple grain to incorporate into your next meal.



You will encounter a variety of ingredients as you travel through Tower of Fantasy’s numerous areas. Some of these ingredients, like Homi Grains, are accessible and widely available. Unfortunately, there are some substances where that is not the case. For instance, Rise is one of the more challenging products to locate because it is only offered in a small number of locations. But once you do, you’ll be able to receive as much as you need.

Rice obtaining procedures in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, Rice won’t be available immediately away. Actually, you’ll have to hold off till after you’ve read through chapter one. You will discover how to use cooking stations to prepare some delectable meals in chapter one. You will soon be able to access food sellers.

Depending on how rapidly you play through the game, you will have access to one of three food sellers. Astra is home to the first food seller, who will debut shortly after you unlock cooking. Banges has the second one, while Mirroria has the third. Each of these merchants will charge 60 Gold for one bag of rice. Up to 99 bags of rice can be purchased each day. You will be able to purchase a good deal of food by the time you have access to the food merchants.

Uses for Rice


You can utilize Rice as an ingredient when cooking at a cooking station, just like all the other ingredients in the game. These stations are dispersed throughout the game’s many locales. If you don’t have the ingredients for one of the recipes, you can utilize the creativity menu to prepare meals of your own design. Rice should not be consumed alone by itself. Since rice only offers one Satiety point, it is preferable to eat it with a meal.