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The reasons for Liz Cambage’s early departure from the WNBA spur from her Instagram post

The reasons Liz Cambage left the WNBA were given in a Sparks Instagram post late last night. The team announced some decisions.



Player who has been selected as an All-Star four times in the Women’s National Basketball Association Liz Cambage has elaborated on her mysterious 2022 season departure from the Los Angeles Sparks.

Cambage announced her retirement from the WNBA in an Instagram post, stating that she had “decided to step away from the league for the time being” and listing several areas in which she believed the league could do a better job of empowering and supporting its players.

Cambage also apologized for her sudden departure from the Sparks and said she hoped the WNBA would “do (its) part in creating safer environments and a stronger support system for (its) players” in her statement.

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So, where does Liz Cambage go from here?


Prospects for the Future of the WNBA

Even though Cambage is now a free agent after she and the Sparks mutually terminated their contract a few weeks ago, her statement suggests it will be some time before she makes her WNBA return.

Cambage’s Instagram posts are rich with insight, including her desire for increased player support from the WNBA.

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While a supermax contract for a player is less than $230,000, Cambage has long been critical of the league’s compensation of players, going so far as to criticize the reported $1 million contract given to Las Vegas Aces head coach Becky Hammon.


The WNBA, where the salary of the head coach can be four times that of the highest-paid player’s super max deal. And you think I’m going to spend my own money again this year to fly business class to games, lmao! First of February, 2022 — Elizabeth Cambage (@ecambage)

Cambage later told ESPN’s Mechelle Voepel that she was happy for Hammon, but she still wanted to see changes made to player pay.

I think it’s great for Becky. All women should have access to this, in my opinion. To put it simply, I wish that one day each of you makes a million dollars annually. But until then, we players need to figure out how to get more for ourselves.

Cambage has been critical of the league’s travel arrangements, suggesting that she has upgraded her own travel in the past at her own expense.

Football Team of Australia


Cambage will not be participating in the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup, which Australia will host beginning in late September, and she may never play for the Opals again.

Cambage has denied racial slurs allegations made against her by the Nigerian Women’s National Team on Instagram and has stated that she has “zero” interest in representing Australia at the World Cup.

Cambage reportedly withdrew from the Olympics after the incident, citing mental health concerns related to competing in a bubble environment.

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There’s a chance that Cambage’s statement about “taking this time to focus on my healing and personal growth before providing clarification on past rumors” refers to the rumors that she’ll address her breakup with the Opals.


Cambage has been a professional basketball player since 2011, when she was selected second overall in the WNBA Draft. She has since played six seasons in the WNBA, four in China’s WCBA, and two in Australia’s WNBL, where she won a championship in 2020.

As of right now, it’s unclear if Cambage will ever play in the WNBL again.