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The Ravens have played to win most of their preseason games In each case, their culture has seen dramatic improvement

Baltimore Ravens extend their NFL-record preseason winning streak to 21 games. The players who played in the game took it seriously and show they are focused on building on this success.



Even though any preseason record may seem silly, the Ravens took Thursday night’s game seriously because it extended their winning streak to 21 games, an NFL preseason record.

Ravens starting quarterback Tyler Huntley, who threw for 109 yards and a touchdown on 16-of-18 passing, said after the game that such behavior is simply ingrained in the team’s ethos.

Just proving that we’re a winning team means a lot to the culture, Huntley said. And the Ravens will always give it their all to win the game, regardless of the circumstances.

The Ravens won’t do anything stupid in preseason games, like putting their starters at risk of injury. But it is obvious that the coaches have convinced the players that every little thing counts. Even the warmups.

The Ravens’ culture places a premium on winning in the preseason, according to quarterback Tyler Huntley. featured initially on Pro Football Talk