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The MLB Twitter account asked, ‘Who in the world clears out a field of dreams?’

MLB’s Twitter provoked the FOX television network telecast of the Field of Dreams game.



Thursday night’s Field of Dreams Game telecast from Fox included a hologram of renowned sportscaster Harry Caray singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the seventh inning stretch in an attempt to inject the broadcast with even more nostalgia.

It’s enough to say that it wasn’t greeted as favorably as the network had intended.

MLB fans were forewarned on Wednesday that Caray, who passed away in 1998, might appear in a hologram.

For tomorrow’s Field of Dreams game, a man has heard that Fox is testing a holographic Harry Caray who has been revived. The video, according to someone who has seen it, is “unconvincing” and “potentially offensive.” @bubbaprog Timothy Burke 10 August 2022

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The Caray hologram was set up in the press box of the Field of Dreams stadium in Dyersville, Iowa, and this is how the one-minute song appeared on television during that time.

Only because of the enchantment of the Field of Dreams movie was an all-time “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” feasible. — FOX Sports: MLB, August 12, 2022 (@MLBONFOX).

The discontent among MLB fans appeared to be widespread. MLB Twitter users’ reactions varied from horrified to indignant. Others made light of its shoddy construction.

Following Hologram Harry’s “performance,” these social media comments garnered the most attention:


Hey, that hologram of Harry Caray wasn’t it. Who gave the okay? Field of Dreams #Cubs August 12, 2022 — Jarrett Payton (@paytonsun)

Creepy. Don’t create a hologram of me once I pass away, please. — Eno Sarris on August 12, 2022 (@enosarris).

insisting that Fox utilize a fictional Harry Caray in Big Ten football. Have him perform the jumping. Obtain some use from it. The SEC never would. @ChrisVannini’s Chris Vannini Oh my god, August 12, 2022, that’s terrible. By C. Trent Rosecrans on August 12, 2022 (@ctrent).

The Harry Caray hologram, at least in my opinion, was a really decent image. August 12, 2022 — Franzke & LA (@FranzkeLA)


It will be the stuff of countless nightmares to see a hologram of Harry Caray or whatever it was. — Mo Egger on August 12, 2022 (@MoEgger).

Given that Fox only displayed the Harry hologram for around three seconds up close and the remaining 57 seconds from a great distance, it was clear how confident they were in their ability to pull it off. — Bleacher Nation, August 12, 2022 (@BleacherNation).

I’m only noticing this since I’m not watching the game. That… is definitely not Harry Caray. — Jason Foster on August 12, 2022 (@ByJasonFoster)

YES, LET US HOLOGRAM HARRY CARAY GOD WITH OUR REBUKE. Who was like, let’s create a hologram of the late, great Harry Caray to sing Take Me Out To The Ballgame? — Michael Baumann (@MichaelBaumann) August 12, 2022 That was strange. @BillyHeyen Billy Heyen 12 August 2022

The sole Harry Caray that can be holographic. (@DVNJr) Don Van Natta Jr. 12 August 2022



This response might be sufficient to convince Fox to reconsider utilizing another hologram. Since MLB won’t be using the Field of Dreams again in 2019, the network won’t have to bother about building one in 2023.