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The Irish came up with their own list, featuring four people on the Lombardi Award watch list for best linemen in the country

If Notre Dame’s offensive and defensive lines don’t give the team great seasons, then 2022 should be an improvement.




The voters, who give their time and opinions freely in this yearly ritual…

In the words of Michael Bryan of “18 Stripes,” Blue & Gold Illustrated by Patrick Engel Irish Sports Daily’s Matt Freeman ESPN’s Tyler James: “The Future of ND Sports Is Bright” The Observer, by Mannion McGinley and Aidan Thomas Tim Murray, from the Vegas Stats & Information Network; more importantly, an irrational Notre Dame supporter who inspired his work. Theo Noie, The Tribune of South Bend Irish Illustrator Tim O’Malley Athletic Pete Sampson Votes Cast For: Josh Vowles, One Foot Down, and the Rest of the Field Sophomore running back No. 25 Audric Estime (35 points) Linebacker No. 24 Bo Bauer, a seasoned veteran with 5 years of experience, scored 39 points. Junior cornerback No. 23 Clarence Lewis (44 points) Twenty-two-year-old Braden Lenzy, a fifth-year wideout, scored 46 points. Senior defensive tackle No. 21, Howard Cross, scored 46 points. Ademilola, No. 20, defensive end and fifth-year senior — 48 points Tariq Bracy (No. 19), cornerback, fifth year — 55 pts. Sophomore running back No. 18 Logan Diggs (65 points) Senior center No. 17 Zeke Correll scored 69 points. Sixteenth-year receiver Avery Davis (No. 16): 73 points. JD Bertrand, senior linebacker and No. 15 on the list, scored 96 points. Senior linebacker No. 14, Jack Kiser, with 120 points Junior defensive end No. 13, Rylie Mills, scored 125 points. Linebacker No. 12 Marist Liufau (senior): 149 points Junior running back No. 11, Chris Tyree, scored 154 points. Cam Hart, Senior, CB #10 (158 points) Joe Alt, left tackle, sophomore class (No. 9), 161 The right tackle for the second-year Cardinals, No. 8 Blake Fisher (175 points) 7th-ranked Lorenzo Styles, sophomore receiver, 185 points 189 points: No. 6 Tyler Buchner (1), sophomore quarterback

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This article, Counting Down the Irish: The Top Five, originally appeared on Four of the five players on this list are currently on the Lombardi Award watch list for the best lineman in the country.