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The Ford Bronco Heritage Editions Look to the Past

Ford digs into its yearbook for inspiration on these throwback Bronco models.



Special Heritage Edition and Heritage Limited Edition variants of the Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport evoke a bygone era.

These modern recreations pay homage to the original Bronco from 1966 by featuring retro details and paint jobs.

Ford has released their Bronco Sport Heritage Edition, with standard Bronco models arriving later in the year.

In order to fully appreciate the flavor of nostalgia, you need to be several steps removed from the good old days and be wearing sepia-toned glasses. Well, varnish-filled carburetors and bias-ply tires are on their way out, but the retro look is making a strong comeback. The Bronco and Bronco Sport Heritage Editions are Ford’s latest throwback to your high school yearbook. These special editions of the Bronco and Bronco Sport go beyond just adding a retro paint job to the regular models; they represent innovative takes on the classic vehicles that are both thoughtful and practical.

At the center of attention is Ford’s Bronco Heritage Edition. These new models combine special finishes with Heritage Edition wheels and other nods to Ford’s first Bronco, which debuted in 1966. These nods consist of nothing more than a two-tone paint job and a white grille with bright red Ford lettering. The Bronco’s aluminum wheels are a close replica of the vehicle’s original steel wheels. Interior details recall Bronco’s heritage as well, with an Oxford white finish on the dashboard and standard cloth seat covers.


Ford is also releasing a Bronco Heritage Limited Edition, which brings the luxury up a notch while maintaining the classic look and feel of the regular Bronco Heritage Edition. Ford says the robin’s egg blue color of this special edition was inspired by the Bronco’s Arcadian blue, and it will be available at launch. The Yellowstone metallic color will be added to this vehicle in the future. In addition to the leather upholstery, the Heritage Limited Edition features new wheels with dog-dish hubcaps.

Ford has added a Heritage Edition to the Bronco Sport for those who aren’t looking for a serious off-road vehicle but still want to appreciate the Bronco’s heritage. The two-tone design of this series mirrors that of the Bronco, with an Oxford white roof and seven available body colors. There are only three color options for the Heritage Limited Edition model: robin’s egg blue, Yellowstone metallic, and peak blue. The plaid fabric seats and navy pier-finished dashboard are standard features in the Bronco Sport Heritage Edition. Interior leather accents and Oxford white door panels distinguish the Bronco Sport Heritage Limited Edition. A touch of traditional flair is added to the upper trim by metal scripts on the front fender.

The base price of the Bronco Sport Heritage Edition is $35,840, while the base price of the Bronco Sport Heritage Limited Edition is $46,250. The starting price for the Bronco Heritage Edition is $45,900. There is a base price of $68,490 for the Bronco Heritage Limited Edition. The Bronco Sport models, according to Ford, are already on sale, while the Bronco variants won’t be available until later in the year.

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