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The daily reset time is when? The daily reset time varies from one day to another

Time really flies by.



Online role-playing games of Tower of Fantasy’s scale are complex endeavors. There is a lot for a player to keep in mind if they want to make the most out of the game, what with the game’s seasonal and daily content. A new set of features and quests will become available each day that you log in to play. The daily level cap, sign-up bonus, and bounties all change every day. When does the clock in Tower of Fantasy reset to zero?

Approximately what time does Tower of Fantasy daily reset?

Tower of Fantasy’s daily reset occurs at 5 AM Eastern Time. See the table below for approximate conversions to your local time.

United Kingdom/Ireland: 10 AM Central Time 4 AM Mountain Time 3 AM Pacific Time 2 AM Eastern Time

New content in Tower of Fantasy will become available after the aforementioned time has passed in your time zone. The daily level cap will be reset, new rewards and materials will become available, and the bounty rotation will begin.


To an American audience, these are typical times for a game to begin a new day. Some Americans may find it unsurprising to have to wait until close to sunrise for a new batch of content, as this is the time at which many games do the reset, if not exactly at that point. In theory, you should have multiple opportunities throughout the day to experience everything Tower of Fantasy has to offer before it is updated. Before that happens, you can replay previously completed content for additional rewards.