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The best-selling Amazon product features eight thousand reviews, earning five stars across the board

There is something new! Soft butter toast that warms right up in the toaster and tastes delicious.



We’ve all been there, that much is certain. First thing in the morning, a piece of toast erupts perfectly from the toaster. However, the butter isn’t spreadable because it’s too cold, so you’re left with a ragged piece of toast.

The problem with keeping butter soft by leaving it out on a dish at room temperature is that it will go bad in a day or two. The Dowan Butter Keeper is an excellent investment because it not only keeps your butter soft and spreadable on the counter for up to 30 days, but also prevents it from drying out. That’s the equivalent of 30 days’ worth of sleep ins.

The butter bell, or butter keeper, is an implement for preserving soft butter for an extended period of time. A crock and a bell-shaped lid are included. Reviews say that despite its compact dimensions (3.5 inches high by 4 inches wide), Dowan’s butter keeper (currently 28% off) is simple to use and has more storage space than competing brands. It also comes in a wide variety of colors, including white for a timeless appearance, red, blue, gray, and turquoise for a coastal feel.


Get a Dowan Butter Keeper from Amazon for only $14 (regularly $20)


Butter should be softened, placed in the bell of the lid, and the crock should be filled with cold water up to the marking. The butter can then be kept out on the counter at room temperature with the lid on for easy spreading. Because the water acts as a seal, you should replace it every few days to keep the butter at its peak freshness.

This butter keeper has gained notoriety not only for its practicality, but also for its sleek design, which has resulted in millions of views on TikTok videos (such as this one about products you won’t regret buying). Also, it has over 8,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. “I’ve used every kind of butter dish and hated them,” one shopper complained. “I saw it on the video sharing platform TikTok and knew I needed it. It’s a no-brainer “.

“Another reviewer echoed this sentiment, writing, “This is a must-buy if you use real butter.” For the most part, it’s a lot easier to clean than a butter dish. Even the butter has a longer shelf life.”

One user raved, “I love how cute this is and how easy it is to clean, especially since it can go in the dishwasher.”

The Dowan Butter Keeper, in several adorable color options now on sale for only $14, is a practical solution to the problem of hard, unappealingly spread butter.