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The best games for kids for the Nintendo Switch

10 great games that remind us why the Nintendo family console is so darn popular.



Pick your protagonist! The Super Smash Bros. games feature playable characters from a wide variety of Nintendo games, as well as characters from other franchises. They engage in violent conflict, attempting to force one another off escalators of varying heights.

Breath of the Wild, a new chapter in the Legend of Zelda series

You can take on the role of the heroic Link and stick to the story’s main objective, or you can go off and discover the fantastical world of Hyrule. The game’s combat is a notch above Mario’s, but it’s still manageable for a kid of a certain age.

Gambling Must Be Done Online

These books are appropriate only for slightly older children. The primary reason is that these games require or strongly recommend participation in online multiplayer, but given that it is a Nintendo platform, parents need not worry too much about their children being exposed to slang or mature themes.


Assault on Titan 2

In Splatoon 2, players battle to the virtual finish in a customisable battleground. Change form between a child and a squid while competing as an inkling. The game’s palette is warm and inviting. The characters use paint instead of bullets and guns, creating vibrant (if messy) battlefields. Just right for young readers.

Warning, Fortnite is rated T for Teen. There are firearms, grenades, and melee weapons available for use in this game, and they are all used to eliminate the opposing team. However, it has a much more cartoonish aesthetic than other Battle Royale games. Warning: the free-to-play monetization strategy may result in repeated purchases or persistent begging from your child for as long as they play the game.