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The #1 Best Drinking Habit for a Flat Belly

In addition to eating a healthy diet and exercising, adopting this expert-approved drinking habit can help promote a flat belly.



It may seem impossible to achieve a flat stomach, but it is doable. You can reduce your caloric intake and strengthen your core, which will help you lose belly fat with the appropriate diet and exercise. Even with these lifestyle changes, you could find that your stomach isn’t developing precisely how you had hoped.

Prior to knowing how to lose belly fat, it’s critical to comprehend why you have it. “Eating too many calories will result in excess body fat,” asserts Noah Quezada, RDN, a registered dietitian at Noah’s Nutrition. People who consume too many calories and hyper-palatable meals (those that are both highly processed and intensely flavored) are more likely to have abdominal obesity, according to research published in Obesity Reviews.

If you still haven’t achieved a flat stomach despite replacing these highly processed foods with full, wholesome foods as part of your eating plan, you may want to double-check what you’re drinking.

Alcohol and sweetened beverages are among the worst offenders, said Quezada. “All of them [drinks] can increase fat formation in the abdomen because it’s hard to limit one serving and they are high in calories.”

Limiting these types of beverages severely will help you achieve the flat stomach of your desires while embracing more zero-calorie alternatives like water, green or black tea, black coffee, and soda. Harvard Medical School asserts that if you want a flat stomach, you can’t go wrong by drinking more water. This beverage aids in digestion and stops constipation in its tracks, ensuring that your body operates as it should.


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It may not sound pleasant to substitute water for a cocktail, but having fun with alcohol is not necessarily necessary if you desire a flat stomach. Instead, follow Quezada’s advise and keep track of your daily beverage intake to develop the greatest drinking habit for a flat stomach.

The most significant factor affecting body weight (and fat) is overeating, according to Quezada. So the optimal drinking behavior would be to practice moderation and keep an eye on your [calorie] consumption.

To ensure you stay within your daily calorie allowance, Quezada advises keeping track of the food and beverages you consume.

Similar to any diet, keeping track of what you drink and reducing the number of calories you consume through a straw will help you reach your waistline goals while putting the least amount of strain on your body. You can develop the greatest habits for losing weight around your midsection by keeping track of the beverages you consume throughout the day and sticking to more natural options like water or tea.


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