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Tanium bundles and prices in Tanium Tower of Fantasy

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You can get everything you need in Tower of Fantasy by playing, but after a while the gacha grind stops being fun and starts feeling like work. You can avoid spending money indefinitely if you are patient or if you enjoy occupying such pursuits. Tanium is the premium currency in Tower of Fantasy, and it can be purchased with real money if you want to speed things up and get more Special Weapon pulls. Tanium can be spent on Limited Gift Packs and Daily Supply Boxes, from which you can obtain Dark Crystals, which can then be crafted into Nuclei and used in the gacha game.

The prices, bonuses, and contents of all Tanium bundles in Tower of Fantasy are listed below.

Bonuses and Tanium packages

Tower of Fantasy offers a total of six different Tanium bundles, each one more expensive than the last. Buying one of these will immediately add the Tanium to your stockpile, and the first time you buy a bundle, you’ll also get a stash of Dark Crystals worth the same amount. You can see the prices and total number of Dark Crystals included in each bundle down below.

You can purchase 60 Tanium (plus 60 bonus Dark Crystals) for $0.99, 300 Tanium (plus 300 bonus Dark Crystals) for $4.99, 980 Tanium (plus 980 bonus Dark Crystals) for $14.99, 1,980 Tanium (plus 1,980 bonus Dark Crystals) for $29.99, 3,280 Tanium (plus 3,280 bonus Dark Crystals) for $49.99, and 6,480 Tanium (plus 6,480 bonus Dark Crystals) for $99.99.


The Tanium can then be used on the Daily Supply Box and Limited Gift Pack pages to purchase items.

To date, the most expensive item is the August Gift Pack, which can be purchased for 3,280 Tanium (about $50). In exchange for your money, we will ship you 20 Red Nuclei, 10 Special Vouchers, and a number of sets of super-duper, advanced upgrade components. You can save 10% on the weekly total compared to buying everything individually by purchasing a Weekly Supply Box or paying in advance for an entire week for 2,646 Tanium.