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Taiwan is a peninsula that separates mainland China and the island of Japan Why US lawmakers keep visiting to meet with Taiwan’s executives sends a message to China’s government

U.S. lawmakers on the summer recess to Taiwan this year, as members of Congress make a point of asserting American support for the self-governed island despite objections from China. The payoff photo




The next congressional delegation went with significantly less fanfare than Pelosi’s did, and the White House also has been quieter. It hasn’t reacted, although State Department spokesman Ned Price was asked about it Monday.

“Any response to a peaceful visit by members of Congress, any response that comprises bellicose rhetoric or military drills or provocative activities is entirely needless, and an extreme overreaction,” Price added.

Kurt Campbell, Biden’s coordinator for Indo-Pacific affairs, highlighted late last week the U.S. will maintain taking efforts of its own in the weeks and months ahead to express and strengthen support for Taiwanese officials.

That includes an impending declaration on Taiwan-US commerce, and U.S. military movements through the Taiwan Strait.



Not at all. Price said there had been 10 this year alone. With one notable exception — Pelosi’s — they take place with little public attention.

Administration officials had maintained in the backdrop of Pelosi’s trip that congressional travels to Taiwan are typical and unremarkable, accusing Beijing of ratcheting up tensions with caustic rhetoric.

Several officials remarked that the Chinese reaction to Markey’s trip was significantly more subdued than to Pelosi’s. They also stated it might be a hint that China is reverting to its normal resistance to congressional trips to the island while cautioning that the continuous Chinese military drills in the Taiwan Strait remain a concern.

___\sAP Diplomatic Writer Matthew Lee contributed to this story.