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Suspected domestic extremist tried to enter the FBI via the front door on Tuesday night

Officials say that Ricky Shiffer, an armed suspect in the Cincinnati FBI field office, has been described as a “suspected domestic violent extremist.”



According to law enforcement officials informed on the investigation, Ricky Shiffer, the man alleged by investigators to have attempted to break into the FBI’s Cincinnati field office Thursday while carrying an AR-15-style rifle, is a “suspected domestic violent extremist.”

According to the officials speaking to ABC News, law enforcement is currently looking into social media posts that were allegedly associated with the suspect and called for violence in the days following the FBI search of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property.

Republicans and Trump supporters were outraged by the unusual search of a former president’s home, which also generated a flood of violent threats online. Since the raid, law enforcement officers have been keeping an eye out for threats.

Shiffer was shot by police and killed after they claim he pointed a gun in their direction, an Ohio State Highway Patrol spokesperson stated during a press conference.

The suspected shooter was most likely “motivated by a combination of conspiratorial beliefs related to former President Trump and the 2020 election (among others), interest in killing federal law enforcement, and the recent search warrant executed at Mar-a-Lago earlier this week,” according to a briefing put together by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a think tank. The posts were believed to belong to Shiffer on Twitter and TruthSocial, Trump’s own social network.


The FBI agents should be assassinated “on sight,” according to a number of recent posts to accounts on “TruthSocial” that are thought to belong to Shiffer.

Shiffer appeared to describe his unsuccessful effort to break into the FBI building in one of his posts on Thursday, stating, “it is true I tried attacking the F.B.I.”

The supposedly Shiffer-related account was then deleted.

A request for comment was not answered by the organization that launched “TruthSocial,” Trump Media & Technology Group.

Shiffer was present at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, according to social media posts and images, ISD analysts have searched the accounts. Shiffer may have actually been at the Capitol during the uprising, according to investigators who are aggressively looking into the matter.


Shiffer appeared to urge others to “Save ammunition” and “Get in touch with the Proud Boys,” according to the ISD report, in posts on the video-streaming website Rumble. The investigation is also heavily focused on any ties he might have had to the Proud Boys, according to officials.