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Store-Bought Granola Is the Perfect Topping for Cake

Like homemade streusel, it is much simpler.



When I was asked to create a blueberry cake suitable for breakfast, I was set on mimicking the wonderful crumb of a streusel-studded muffin. However, I was equally set on keeping the recipe low-maintenance, which meant using only one bowl and no fancy gadgets.

Streusel is traditionally made by cutting butter into flour, sugar, and spices. This can be done in a food processor or by hand. That means there will be an increase in the number of dishes that need washing. Instead, I decided to try a new twist by adding granola to the batter, a treat I usually save for my morning yogurt.

In what way? A velvety, moist cake topped with crunchy honeyed almonds and oats. And after 10 minutes of work, we only have one bowl and a whisk.

It is not an original idea to use store-bought snacks as condiments. Buying a bag of croutons is like buying a bag of premade granola for your baking: you get instant flavor and texture with zero effort. Most granolas can be substituted for one another in cooking, but there are a few exceptions. Don’t bother baking granolas that contain dried fruit because they’ll turn into tooth-aching mush. Choose white or light-colored clumps rather than dark ones, as the latter are more likely to become overly toasted in the oven. The Cascadian Farm and Nature’s Path are two of our favorite grocery stores.

Despite its color, chocolate granola is a welcome addition to the shortcut-streusel celebration and goes especially well with chai cake. Incorporate some toasted coconut granola into your next batch of carrot muffins. Look for brands like Michele’s or Nature Valley that feature large clusters of granola if you enjoy a substantial crunch.


Look at the breakfast and snack section as a gold mine for adding extra flavor to your baked goods. However, that’s not all of it: Sprinkle some granola on top of your next peach galette or pie to make it look more like a crumble. Breakfast blondies can benefit from the addition of a handful of quinoa granola for texture and flavor. If you happen to have any extra peanut butter granola lying around, those would go great with these chocolatey billionaire bars.

First, let’s bake a blueberry cake.