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Store-Bought Granola is the crispy, crunchy topping you need for your cake

This recipe for applesauce is way simpler than streusel.



I was keen to achieve the lovely texture of a streusel-topped muffin when entrusted with creating a breakfast-like blueberry cake. However, I was equally keen to keep the recipe simple, requiring only one bowl and no other tools or hassle.

Using a food processor or pastry cutter, combine butter, flour, sugar, and spices for traditional streusel. Also known as, extra dishes to wash. Instead, I decided to try an experiment and sprinkled some oats on the batter that I usually save for my morning yogurt.

The outcome? A honeyed almond and oat crunch topping is placed on top of a rich, velvety cake. And the 10-minute endeavor ended with only a single dish and whisk.

It is nothing new to use store-bought snacks as toppings. The same immediate flavor and texture that pre-made granolas may provide for baked products is available in a container of croutons for salads. While most granolas can be used without issue in most recipes, there are a few exceptions. Avoid granolas that contain dried fruit because they will turn into dental abominations when baked. Aim for light-colored clusters that aren’t completely scorched and browned because they’ll probably scorch by the time the cake is done. We enjoy Cascadian Farm and Nature’s Path.

Despite its brown color, chocolate granola is a welcome guest at the shortcut-streusel gathering and goes especially well with chai cake. Your subsequent round of carrot muffins should include toasted coconut granola. Aim for large-clustered granola products like Michele’s or Nature Valley if you enjoy a lot of crunch.


Consider the breakfast and snack sections as a haven for enhancing any cake or muffin. But it goes further than that: Add some granola to your next peach pie or galette to make it seem crumbly. A handful of quinoa granola will give your breakfast blondies more substance (and flavor). If you have any extra peanut butter granola, you may add some extra crunch to these chocolatey billionaire bars.

First, though, a blueberry cake.