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Stephen Curry explains how Jeremy Lin’s self belief kept him going and helped his success

Curry used to get benched in fourth quarters so Acie Law could play.



and it hits the mark. To paraphrase Lin: “I did not think he was going to be that good.” But during the one season I was there, I couldn’t fathom why Steph was being treated so poorly. Personally, I thought he was fantastic. Despite being mistreated, he still managed to score 18 or 19 points per game on average. I thought, “Can you imagine what he could do with a few more years of experience and complete control of the franchise?”

When questioned about Curry, Smart has consistently gushed about him. Smart is a product of the Bobby Knight tough love school (sometimes overly tough in Knight’s case), so it’s possible that he thought being tough on Curry by benching him would help him mature and develop as a player. To be honest, I doubt that Curry saw it that way.

Concerning Wiseman, Steph said, “I used to get benched for Acie Law,” implying that the youngster would eventually succeed despite his current difficulties. (@ThompsonScribe) — Marcus Thompson II. January 19th, 2021

The bad ankles that caused Curry to miss games his third year in the league and held him back early in his career were not the only obstacle he had to overcome on his way to becoming the legend he is today. It was the Warriors’ bad ankles that led to a below-market rookie contract extension that helped set them up financially for a dynasty.

Like Curry, Lin has become a household name outside of the United States and China. That’s not only provided Lin with a secure financial future, but also a public forum from which to address pressing social issues like the prejudice Asians face in the United States.


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