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SMG Hipfire with Laser Sight Debuts for Apex Legends

Apex Legends content creator lobotomy found information on how our hip fire spread has changed over the course of 1 season.



In order to compare the hipfire spread from the previous season to the current model, content producer for Apex Legends lobotomy collated data from Season 14. You’ll find that the laser sight additions aren’t having the desired effect. Hipfire spread nerfed SMGs significantly, although Respawn promised that the laser sights would make them equivalent at close range despite the loss of the barrel attachment.

The two options available to players were horrible medium-to-long range combat or terrible hipfire spread.

TIL: Main SMG In S14, the spread of hipfire was so accelerated that white and blue Still, S13 Hipfire sights are superior to laser sights. Mokey (@mokeysniper), August 14, 2022, “#Apexlegends”

According to the data, your hipfire spread for every SMG is worse than it was previous season until you find a laser sight level 3. It’s a huge blow to the SMG fan base, but in some ways it was inevitable given how strong the SMGs were this season.

The laser sight essentially makes your SMG the same, which causes annoyance. Many fans predicted that while your damage at medium-to-long range would decrease significantly, forcing you to play close, it would marginally improve the hipfire. Instead, you struggle at range and your close-range damage is significantly less potent.


It’s amusing to observe that crouching significantly improves hipfire, therefore if you really want to improve your hipfire, start crouching more.

Get acclimated to the new SMG adjustments because Respawn does not currently have any plans to change this course.