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Sea of Thieves takes you to the sea of the damned to save Merrick in its next adventure

The hunter is coming.



Players of Sea of Thieves are accustomed to seeing Merrick. Typically, “Merry” Merrick represents The Hunter’s Call, an NPC group that would purchase meat and other products from you. Merrick has recently been missing from the Stephen’s Spoils seapost since he passed away and came back as a ghost. However, his problems are far from finished as he is kidnapped in the following Adventure.

Merrick has been captured by the Dark Brethren and is being kept on a ship in the Sea of the Damned, as evidenced by the most recent cinematic teaser. The Adventure, titled A Hunter’s Cry, will launch in Sea of Thieves in a few days. You have two full weeks to free Merrick from captivity since it will be available from Thursday, August 18, through Thursday, September 1.

The previous Adventure of the game, The Forsaken Hunter, had begun when Merrick left his station, setting the stage for the events that had occurred prior to this. Recent Sea of Thieves tale chapters, such as Lost Sands, in which you and Merrick had to save the latter location, have featured a lot of action between Merrick and the New Golden Sands Outpost. Players can even cosplay as Merrick thanks to some wonderful Plunder Pass goodies from Season 7.

However, not everything of Season 7 has garnered favorable reviews. The main focus of the new content is captaincy, which gives players the opportunity to advance in rank, acquire unique ships, and design their captain’s quarters. The completion of these challenges over time would eventually provide your ship Legendary Status in the new in-game accomplishments system called Milestones, which were closely related to captaincy.

Unfortunately, a lot of players grumbled about how these Milestones were established and recorded, and this led to developer Rare lowering the prerequisites attached to all of the milestones. People who start reading A Hunter’s Cry later this week should have a better overall experience as a result of those adjustments.