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Russia is preparing a missile strike from Belarus on the Ukraine, Russian Intel said

The intelligence group says that a reported large explosion in Belarus last week destroyed a tank.



According to a third-party military intelligence organization, Russia is stockpiling anti-aircraft missile systems in Belarus in advance of an imminent, massive attack on Ukraine.

On Monday, Belarusian Hajun claimed in a Telegram post that the country’s Ziabrovka airfield, located some 25 kilometers (16 miles) from the Ukrainian border, had seen an increase in its stockpile of weapons. There has been much conjecture about whether or not Belarus is backing Russia’s war effort in Ukraine, so the report from the monitor of Belarusian military activity comes at a pivotal time.

It seems the Russians are preparing for a massive missile attack on Ukraine in the coming weeks, according to an analysis of the situation at the airfield, as stated in the post by Belarusian Hajun.

The group also noted that since the massive shelling that ended on July 28, not a single rocket has been fired from Belarus toward Ukraine.

Hajun, a Belarusian, claims in his post that the Ziabrovka airfield is home to ten to fourteen S-400 Triumph air defense systems, two Pantsir air defense systems, three KASTA-2E2 radars, and a total of forty-eight Podlyot radars, all of which were spotted using satellite imagery provided by the American firm Maxar Technologies Inc.


They also claimed that 15–60 Triumph missiles were being stored at the airfield, with more on the way from the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Despite widespread international criticism of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has remained a loyal ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Since Belarus and Russia share a border, Lukashenko has given Russian troops a shorter route to Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital.

The Pentagon claimed in April that Russia was using Belarus as a staging ground to redeploy troops after its earlier war efforts to capture Kyiv were unsuccessful.

Hajun, a Belarusian news outlet, reported last week that there had been “at least eight explosions” in the area of the Ziabrovka airfield. Officials in Belarus claimed there were no casualties and blamed explosions on a vehicle that caught fire after having its engine replaced. The monitoring organization, however, published footage of a “large flash” it saw near the airfield and argued was inconsistent with a “engine fire.”


Satellite images corroborate the destruction of a T-72 tank and the presence of casualties, as reported by Belarusian Hajun on its Monday post. There was no mention of the explosion’s origin from the group.

The Ukrainian government has been contacted by Newsweek for comment.

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