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Russell Wilson says he’s ready for whatever the Seahawks have in store for him throughout preseason camp

The Denver Broncos are hosting the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday night to start the preseason with quarterback Russell Wilson on the team. The team has made no official announcement yet as to whether Wi



their first preseason game with quarterback Russell Wilson on the roster. Wilson’s participation has not yet been confirmed by the team.

Wilson sees no problem with whatever head coach Nathaniel Hackett decides to do.

Wilson told reporters on Thursday, “I’m ready to execute whatever Coach has [planned].” “I’m delighted to don the jersey for the first time and to be a Denver Bronco. Whether I play or not, I don’t know, but whatever it is, I’m prepared to rush out of that stadium. It’s a blessing whenever you get to put on your cleats and everything else.

Wilson, does he have a preference?

I don’t give a damn, he said. “I want us to win the exhibition games and the remaining games as well. All that matters is that.


Regarding what he has in store for Wilson on Saturday night, Hackett remains vague.

Hackett assured reporters, “We are still going to talk about all those stuff.” “I’m aware that you guys are eager to hear all of that information, but I needed to finish today first. I believe I’ll learn more once I can view the tape and have a sense of it.

Wilson will only make a cameo appearance even if he does play.

Hackett remarked that even if the man did enter, it would not be for very much.

Finding the right balance is difficult. The most crucial thing is to make it through training camp and the preseason with as many players healthy as possible, as Hackett previously stated. Russell Wilson is the last person on the squad they would want to get hurt.


The article by Russell Wilson, “I’m willing to do whatever about playing in the preseason,” was originally published on Pro Football Talk.