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Rick Caruso says he’ll protect Hollywood if elected L.A. Mayor

Caruso, a billionaire former Republican real estate tycoon, speaking in an interview with The Ankler this week, vowed to protect Hollywood and the entertainment industry if he is elected in November.



He went on to say that many prominent Hollywood figures are dissatisfied with the current state of Los Angeles, citing mega-agent Bryan Lourd, Disney executive Dana Walden, and Netflix co-founder Ted Sarandos as examples.

“People are worn out. The people are angry. It makes them feel like nobody is listening. Concern and fear for the city’s future is widespread. And people want someone who can actually fix the issues. And, as I’m sure you’ve asked, they are confident that I can resolve the issues. And I’m confident that I can solve all the issues.

Caruso claims that once the L.A. mayoral race is over, he will withdraw from politics.

I’m not interested in a political career, so I only have one side to support here. I want to return to my quiet life after helping to clean up the city I adore.

The stars are on Caruso’s side, but his opponent, a career politician, has the backing of Democrats like Hillary Clinton.


Clinton has endorsed Bass this week because she has pledged to uphold abortion rights in Los Angeles, despite the fact that these rights are protected by California law.

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have publicly declared their support for Bass.

Biden and Harris both endorsed Bass in a statement released earlier this month.

It read, in part, “Karen Bass has our friendship, and she has earned our respect through her leadership in Congress on crime prevention strategies, effective and fair policing, and the welfare of children and families.”