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Responds to Feedback on First Circle Changes

On August 10, Apex Legends developer Josh Medina asked players for feedback on changes made with the recent launch of Season 14.



Josh Medina, the creator of Apex Legends, contacted players to get their opinions on the adjustments made since Season 14 recently debuted. A few players talked about the new map features, such as the addition of Vantage and the elimination of Olympus for this season.

However, the most contentious issue stemmed from the recently enacted storm adjustments. Beginning with Season 14, if you are outside of the Ring, Ring 1 closes in faster and causes more damage. This change is intended to make it more difficult for players to camp outside of the Ring and to encourage them to move in and interact with other players.

Josh Medina (@lowkeydbjosh) has an interesting perspective on circle change. 10 August 2022

However, these most recent adjustments to the circle have offended the players. For those that linger outside of the circle or even spawn close to the edges of the map, many believe the alteration to be too harsh.

In response to one such criticism of the circle alteration, Josh Medina merely wrote, “Interesting view on circle change.” It is obvious that developers are aware of player complaints, but it is totally different whether or not they act on those issues.


Before making any modifications to the Ring, developers will probably want to wait a while to see if players can accept the change or if it is continually merely perceived as a hassle by both new and experienced players.