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Recursive Call of Duty: Warzone has the best Cold War AUG loadout

Take aim and knock enemies within a few hits with this vicious loadout.



Nobody playing Call of Duty: Warzone could have predicted that the AUG variant featured in Black Ops Cold War would become the game’s newest breakout weapon. The Cold War AUG has been around for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that it received the damage upgrades it needed to become a true game changer at medium and long range. The full potential of this rifle, however, cannot be determined until a specific set of attachments is used. These items make up the optimal Cold War AUG loadout for use in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s premier Cold War AUG class

As a burst fire weapon, this AUG variant has a subpar fire rate but massively impressive damage specs. It suffers from the same problem of uncontrollable recoil as any other Tactical Rifle, making it difficult to hit successive shots. With this loadout, the AUG’s deficiencies disappear, resulting in enhanced maneuverability and a reduced kill time. Any supplementary materials or benefits associated with this course are listed here.

Muzzle : Agency Silencer : Agency Silencer Titanium barrel, measuring 17 inches The magazine is a Salvo 54 Round Fast Mag and the underbarrel is a Field Agent Foregrip. The SUSAT Multizoom Optical System Benefits: Combat Scout, High Alertness, and Cold Blooded

The Agency Silencer effectively eliminates most of the weapon’s drawbacks. The muzzle reduces noise produced by the AUG’s projectiles and increases both the weapon’s damage range and its vertical recoil effectiveness. Attaching the Field Agent Foregrip eliminates the visible horizontal recoil. Since both of these additions reduce your ADS time, you should avoid close-quarters combat as much as possible.


The 17-inch Titanium barrel is our favorite component of this arsenal. Increases the firing rate sufficiently to simulate an assault rifle, albeit with a shorter time-to-kill. Despite this reduction in the gun’s overall range, and thanks to its recent damage upgrades, it should still be able to knock enemies back from any distance with three or four bullets. Accordingly, the SUSAT Multizoom is a necessity. The optic has a switch that allows you to quickly switch between a 2.0x and 6.2x magnification.

The benefits you receive from your perks should help you even more with your ranged attacks. The best of these is Combat Scout, which, for a limited time, marks as “damaged” any enemies you have dealt damage to. The gun’s effectiveness increases at medium and long range thanks to Cold-Blooded and High Alert. The Cold-Blooded perk is able to keep you undetected from enemies with thermal optics, while High Alert points you toward enemies in your line of sight.

The AUG is at a disadvantage in close quarters with this loadout, but the Scythe is a great secondary weapon for making quick work of enemies. The tool has the greatest reach of any melee weapon and can kill in two blows. If you don’t own it quite yet, you can unlock the Scythe through completing one of two challenges in Warzone or Black Ops Cold War.