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Police: Marshawn Lynch said he stole a car before his arrest

Marshawn Lynch, 36, was charged Tuesday on suspicion of driving under the influence. Police found the NFL player asleep behind the wheel while they were patrolling an area where he was expected to be



According to his arrest report, former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch was arrested by Las Vegas police on Tuesday while he was sleeping through a traffic stop, reeked of alcohol, and claimed he had stolen the car he was sitting in.

The report, obtained by USA TODAY Sports, states that at 7:25 a.m. on Tuesday, Las Vegas Metro Police approached a car just north of the Las Vegas Strip at the intersection of Fairfield Avenue and West Utah Avenue. They saw that the sports car, a Shelby GT500 Coupe, was in “undriveable condition.” The front passenger rim and tire were almost completely separated from the rim, and the front driver’s wheel was completely gone, as stated in the report. Marks in the road indicated that the vehicle had collided with the sidewalk close to where the tire was located, so the police followed those clues to find the vehicle.

After identifying him as Lynch, police discovered a man sleeping in the driver’s seat with the door to the vehicle open.

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The 36-year-old Lynch “would speak and then fall back asleep several times throughout the encounter,” the report says. The officers “noted a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle, his person, and his breath, in addition to bloodshot, watery eyes,” as stated in the report.


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Lynch told police, “I wasn’t drinking and I don’t do drugs, but I stole the vehicle,” according to the report.

Officers requested Lynch to exit the vehicle, but Lynch allegedly refused, making it impossible for officers to conduct field sobriety tests. At 7:52 a.m., Lynch was apprehended and taken to the City of Las Vegas Jail. According to the report, a warrant was obtained to take a blood sample from Lynch to test for impairment, but Lynch once again refused to cooperate. In order to “force a blood draw,” corrections officers at the jail had to “use a restraint chair.” The report was edited to omit the time of sample collection.

Parts of the traffic stop were captured on body camera, showing Lynch sitting in his car and asking police officers, “What is the problem?” Lynch is then dragged from the vehicle and placed face down on the pavement as he is cuffed by police.



NEWS: Body cam footage from Las Vegas police shows the moment officers remove Marshawn Lynch from a vehicle and arrest him on suspicion of driving under the influence. Tweets by David Charns (@davidcharns) The date of August 11, 2022

Lynch was pulled over and issued citations for driving while intoxicated, failure to refuse/surrender, improper lane usage, and an unregistered vehicle. Bail for him was set at $3,381. In December, he will have a court date.

Lynch’s lawyers, Richard A. Schonfeld and David Z. Chesnoff, told USA TODAY Sports via email, “Marshawn was not pulled over for a DUI.” “It was instead parked in a secure location and not in use. When all the facts are in, we’re positive that this won’t be considered a DUI in Nevada. Marshawn values and acknowledges the kindness and support of his friends and family.”

Lynch spent 12 years (2007–2019) in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Oakland Raiders, during which he was named to the Pro Bowl five times and the All-Pro team once. Lynch, a local of Oakland, California, decided to finish his career in Seattle after leaving the Raiders before the team moved to Las Vegas in 2020.

In his career, he rushed for 10,413 yards and scored 85 touchdowns, and he caught passes for 2,214 yards and scored nine times. The Pro Football Hall of Fame has inducted him into the 2010s all-decade team.


Lynch was scheduled to serve as a special correspondent later in the 2022 season to “produce creative content for a variety of projects,” but he was arrested the day after the Seahawks announced their broadcast team for the 2022 preseason.

Lynch was accused of hitting a woman with his Porsche SUV and then speeding off in Buffalo, New York, in 2008. Lynch’s license was suspended and he was fined $100 plus a $50 surcharge after pleading guilty to failing to exercise due care to a pedestrian.

Lynch was also apprehended in Oakland in July 2012 for alleged drunk driving. Lynch reached a plea bargain in February 2014, pleading guilty to reckless driving and receiving a $1,033 fine.

This piece was published in the USA TODAY: Police: Marshawn Lynch claimed he stole a car before being arrested in Las Vegas while he was dozing off at the wheel.