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People who are forced to raise their younger siblings after their parents die are fortunate when they get a gift

Jaylan Gray said he tries to keep his brother, Julian, out of trouble and makes sure he’s loved.



Those in the Katy, Texas, area came together to assist two brothers who desperately needed assistance with their home.

Since the deaths of their parents and grandfather in recent years, Jaylan Gray, now 22, has been taking care of his younger brother Julian, now 12. This is according to NBC affiliate KPRC. After Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and a string of winter storms last year, the brothers’ home was severely damaged and they needed assistance.

After a certain point, “I was just done with the house,” Jaylan reportedly told the news outlet. “In the past, I’ve considered selling it. This burden was too heavy for me to bear. Sorry, but I just couldn’t pull it off.”

The brothers were contacted by Katy Responds, a nonprofit that helps Texans rebuild after natural disasters, and told that their home would be repaired by volunteers.

Katy Responds Executive Director Ron Peters told KPRC, “There’s just no way they could have lived in it, and probably would have never fixed it.”


PEOPLE has contacted the group for a response.

As the brothers see the renovations for the first time, a young Julian is seen fighting back tears.

“I love it,” Jaylan gushed to KPRC. “It’s beyond our wildest expectations, and I have no words. Extending my deepest thanks.”

This present will assist Jaylan in fulfilling his obligation to his mother.

With tears in his eyes, Jaylan said, “[I] try my best to keep him in check, make sure he doesn’t get into trouble, and make sure he’s loved.”


The three-month remodel was completed with assistance from Houston’s Lakewood Church.

“Wow, What a Party! Despite the fact that their house was rendered uninhabitable by the winter storm, we were happy to have Jaylan and his brother Julian back home with us “This is what Katy Does Returns claims on their web page.

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The generous act from the group and the volunteers reassured the brothers that they have support.

“It makes me happy to see that there’s good people,” Julian told KPRC. “Simply put, I appreciate the kindness shown to us. Not expecting anything positive to occur, I prepared myself accordingly.”