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People in London are looking forward to the same average temperature range as those in Barcelona

London’s climate is predicted to be more like Barcelona’s in 2050, according to a study. While that may sound pleasant, this could push London towards a severe drought, similar to what Barcelona expe



By 2050, London’s climate will be comparable to that of Barcelona.

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According to a recent study, London’s climate will resemble Barcelona’s more in 2050. While that may sound lovely, it could lead to a catastrophic drought in London, similar to the one that Barcelona faced in 2008. The study compared current city circumstances with forecasted climate conditions for the world’s largest cities. According to research lead author Jean-Francois Bastin, “Drawing these city-to-city comparisons can help people visualize the consequences of climate change in their own city, during their lifetime.” Climate conditions will change significantly in an estimated 77% of cities worldwide. Droughts, floods, and other climate catastrophes may affect other big cities. Extreme conditions are being faced in cities like Jakarta and Singapore that are now unheard of elsewhere in the world. The greatest temperature variations will occur in the northern regions. Cities in Europe should experience summer temperature increases of 3.5°C and winter temperature increases of 4.7°C. This might not seem like a big difference, but Alex Lo, a senior lecturer in climate change at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, warns that it might promote the spread of infectious diseases, jeopardize food security, and cause water shortages.