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Overwatch players in the final event lead to a record number of sales and profits

Overwatch players can enjoy a final event with reduced queue times before Overwatch 2 is released. The Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 has new skins that players are excited to play with.



Just before the debut of Overwatch 2, Blizzard Entertainment is holding a farewell event for the game’s community. Certain skins have been sought after by players, and they may be found in the Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 event. Many Overwatch players were unhappy with the high price of the game’s earlier skins and are curious as to why they are available at such a premium.

Since the Best of Overwatch is an anniversary celebration, the event’s prices have been adjusted accordingly.

Blizzard Customer Service – North America (@BlizzardCS): JH 11 August 2022

Players will have until the end of the Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 events to purchase lootboxes after which they will no longer be available for purchase.

It costs roughly 3,000 coins to purchase a skin from the 2021 Summer Games event. Players don’t understand why these skins are so pricey yet skins that are a year old cost only 1,000 coins.


A few of users on Reddit speculated that the high cost of skins is intentional, as the developers know that fans will frantically look for free skins in the last hours. The skins are either purchasable with real money, or they can be earned through normal gameplay.

Many Overwatch gamers have taken to Twitter to question Blizzard over the high cost of skins. After inquiring about the anniversary pricing, Blizzard CS explained that the skins were designed to represent the best of Overwatch and were released in conjunction with the anniversary event.

Blizzard still considers the 2021 Summer Games event skins to be “new,” hence they did not qualify for the 2,000 coin discount because there was no summer event this year.