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One of the Rome’s notorious bank robbers escaped from a kidnapper by himself in September

Police believe that this alleged gang member could have been burrowing his way into a bank near the Vatican.



An Italian guy was rescued after being trapped in a collapsed tunnel near the Vatican; police believe he may have been attempting to rob a nearby bank.

Firefighters spent eight hours pulling him out from beneath a road, and he is currently recuperating in a hospital.

The police have arrested him and another man on suspicion of “resisting a public authority,” so he may have more difficulties to overcome.

The police think he may have been in on a bank robbery plot.

One theory is that they are robbers, although the investigation is ongoing, a police spokesman told the AFP.


They were arrested for vandalizing public property as well.

Given that the tunnel was discovered next to a bank just before the 15 August long weekend—when most of the city empties—local media feel the purpose is obvious.

The headline in Italy’s Corriere della Sera read, “The hole gang.”