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Number of young offenders quadrupled over past year

The chief constable of the Isle of Man says that the Covid pandemic is one of the factors behind a rise in crime.



According to the chief constable’s annual report, the number of young people committing crimes on the Isle of Man more than doubled last year.

467 minors under the age of 18 committed crimes in 2021–2022 compared to 224 the year before.

It was stated that 1,073 offenses were committed overall by 321 males and 146 girls, a 58% increase from 2020–21.

According to Gary Roberts, one of the causes of the rise in juvenile crime is the pandemic’s effects.

The report also indicated a 68.3% increase in youth-committed violent crimes over the previous 12 months.


According to the most recent statistics, 171 young people—nearly a quarter of all young offenders—committed more than one offense, with 15 committing more than ten.

With the youngest offender being only six years old, twelve of those who committed crimes were under the age of ten.

Mr. Roberts claimed that the coronavirus pandemic was partially to blame for the rise, which comes after a 50% increase in teenage crime in 2020–21.

According to a pattern that has emerged since the pandemic’s start, young people’s behavior has significantly changed.

The consequences of young people losing structure, discipline, and the daily routine of school are still being felt today.


It was a challenge for “not just the police, but for the community to address” because some of the criminals were “exploited by organized criminal groups in Liverpool,” he claimed.

He stated that the “key” to solving the problem was the reformation of the Youth Justice Team (YJT), which would involve police and Manx Care working with educators to identify individuals who were most at risk.

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