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North Carolina Sheriff’s Office Uses Hero Labradors to Find Missing Children

A K-9 search and rescue team member with the Union County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina, Patrol Officer Joshua Dye, ran up to Panther.



Maverick is deserving of an endless supply of dog biscuits.

According to WBTV, an English Labrador serving with the Union County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina used his search and rescue training to aid in the location of a missing child.

With just a whiff, Maverick was able to track down the missing boy.

As Deputy Sheriff Joshua Dye explained to the media outlet, “since there was a risk for the juvenile to be in a bad situation, we put Maverick on a scent article, the kid’s blanket, and he was able to track based off that smell.”

Maverick’s trainer, Dye, chimed in, “We followed the clues until we reached a fairly busy highway, where we turned and continued on another road. The youngster emerged from the woods when he saw us approaching on the road, and Maverick quickly approached him.”


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Dye said that the sheriff’s office would not have had as much success finding the missing boy if not for Maverick’s sharp nose and determination.

Dye explained, “We tried to ping the juvenile’s cell phone and it was actually off, and we wouldn’t have anywhere to start if we didn’t have the dog with us.”

He went on to say that incidents like this prove the “very important” role that K-9s like Maverick play in law enforcement.

Dye said that Maverick has been schooled in narcotics detection, tracking, article searches, and basic obedience, and that the pair trains together frequently to keep the dog’s skills sharp.