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Nipsey Hussle’s Walk of Fame Star is Greeted Annually on His Birthday Lauren London says he’s ‘honored’

London Lewis shared that a star was planned for Hussle’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Monday



The life and work of Nipsey Hussle have been memorialized with a star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Nipsey Hussle’s family, longterm companion Lauren London, and fellow rappers YG and Roddy Ricch were on hand for the presentation of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, August 15 (what would have been his 37th birthday).

London, 37, Hussle’s sister Samantha Smith, and Hussle’s grandma Margaret Boutte reportedly spoke at the ceremony, which was held in front of Amoeba Music at 6212 Hollywood Boulevard.

London, dressed in white, greeted the birthday boy and gave the first speech of the evening after wishing him a happy birthday. London, flanked by her longtime boyfriend and the father of their 6-year-old son Kross Ermias, declared, “I think I speak for the entire city of LA when I say that we’ve always knew Hussle was meant for greatness.” “All the more so at this present time. This would have been a proud time for Nip.”

The performer went on, “I believe he would want everyone to keep in mind that the only way to achieve the possible is to take action toward it. That doesn’t imply ignoring your roots; rather, it means accepting the world you were born into and realizing you have the ability to alter it for the better.”


“So anytime you find yourself in the City of Angels and you see this star, I hope it inspires you to break away from whatever could be holding you back and to run your marathon until God says that it is completed,” London said.

London shared a photo of herself with a touching remark in honor of the Los Angeles rapper’s birthday and Walk of Fame star. “To a Star on Hollywood’s 60th Street. Congratulations on your heavenly birthday, Hussle Man! “”She penned” “I adore you infinitely.”

Smith, 33, seized the mic at another point in the event to talk about her brother, who had recently passed away. “To say I’m proud would be an understatement,” she concluded. “Look at yourself, Nip the Great, and take pride in your accomplishments. I find it incredible, but not shocking.”

“Before the acclaim did, you were already a star in my eyes, the eyes of your family, and God’s. The realist methods, the realist ways, the realist ways, you have impacted the lives of countless people. We look up to you as a rock; you’ve been one for us and the neighborhood “to which Smith continued. “Your commitment to excellence as a role model has never failed to astonish and inspire me. And for that, I am eternally grateful and honored to name you my brother.

It was then that Hussle’s grandma gave a speech. “To me, Nipsey was the love of my life. He treated me with the utmost respect. I think of the good times we shared whenever I see his photo “A 91-year-old man named Boutte addressed the audience.


“When I close my eyes, he is still here with me. Everlasting life awaits him, “I’ll continue, she said. “Nipsey, you are in my thoughts and prayers often and will be greatly missed. Thank God for you.”

Hussle’s daughter Emani, who is 13, was also present at the event with her family.

Hussle, born Ermias Joseph Asghedomthen, died in the parking lot of his Los Angeles boutique The Marathon Clothing in March 2019.

Eric Holder, 32, was tried and convicted in Los Angeles last month for the first-degree murder of Nipsey Hussle.

Since two bystanders were hurt in the crossfire, Holder was also found guilty of attempted voluntary manslaughter. He will be sentenced at a later time and is facing up to life in prison.