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Mcdonald’s, Skydivers, and Other Things Turned Upside Down

In 2018, passengers on a rollercoaster found themselves in an awkward position hanging upside down. In 2015, a skydiver had the scare of his life when jumping out of an airplane; his jumpsuit got cau



Skydivers, McDonald’s Arches, and Other Inverted Objects

Timing: 03:18

These things and these people were flipped on their heads. In 2018, riders on a roller coaster in Japan discovered themselves hanging upside down in an uncomfortable situation. A skydiver had the scare of his life in 2015 while making a leap off of an airplane. He was left hanging in the air because his jumpsuit got stuck on the exit step. When a lawmaker neglected to switch off his computer’s upside-down filter in 2021, things got strange at a legislative session. Andrea Swindall from Inside Edition has more.