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McDonald’s is bringing back this highly anticipated collaboration

If you visit McDonald’s today, you might be able to find a Happy Meal toy that is the biggest in history.



People have been waiting for the return of one of McDonald’s most iconic toys for quite some time, and now is the time to get one. The staff at Micky D’s is bracing themselves for what could be the busiest year yet, as collectors react positively to leaked images.

According to PokéBeach, the McDonald’s Happy Meal/Pokémon card collaboration promotion will begin on August 16. Fans can add 15 more cards to their collections by purchasing Happy Meals, which will include a four-card booster pack with one foil card.

Since 2010, almost every year has seen a new card set released. And it does so almost yearly, as collectors get psyched up to get their hands on special, limited edition releases.

Rowlet, Gossifleur, Growlithe, Victini, Pikachu, and Smeargle will all make appearances on this year’s set of six holographic trading cards. Food spinners and cardboard coins for the game are included with each order.

An employee of McDonald’s revealed the news on Reddit last Friday by posting a photo of a box bearing the Pokémon logo and the words “Toy 2, Victini – Dark Blue.” Over 11.5 thousand enthusiastic fans voted for the post.


Although, given the toy’s current popularity, you should probably start making travel plans soon if you want any cards this time around. Professional collectors and scalpers swarmed restaurants during the hot run of last year’s promotion, and the toys were quickly sold out. Soon after, the cards began to appear for sale online, often for exorbitant prices.

Reports indicate that individual McDonald’s Pikachu cards have sold for $500 on eBay, with full cases going for over $1,000.

Last year, however, some outlets began selling the collectible cards separately from the Happy Meal, prompting the burger chain to change its policy for the promotion. It is now requesting that franchisees implement spending caps.

The company said in a statement last year, “We love seeing fans’ passion for our limited-time Happy Meal promotion celebrating 25 years of Pokémon.” We’re working quickly to address shortages and strongly encouraging restaurants to set a reasonable limit on Happy Meals sold per customer due to the high demand for our promotional Pokémon TCG cards and the extreme measures some fans are taking to obtain them.