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Maserati will no longer manufacture the Ghibli after the year 2024 The popularity of the Quattroporte will increase and that style of car will be better received by consumers

Maserati died in 2024, replaced by smaller Quattroporte EV.



When discussing electrification in March, Maserati’s head of product planning said: “The sedan is here to stay, in our opinion, but we don’t think there’s room for two different types of sedans on the market. The demand can be met with just one.” By announcing that the next-generation Quattroporte sedan and Levante crossover would only get electric powertrains, the company made it clear which of its two sedans would get the nod. Maserati’s Australian general manager Grant Barling told Australian news outlet Drive, “The Ghibli will move into run-out phase into 2024.” This gives us an idea of when the smaller four-door will be discontinued. If the rest of the world follows suit, Ghibli investors will have two years to come up with the money for the Italian thoroughbred’s middle size.

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The Ghibli, however, will not disappear entirely. As Barling put it, “Consolidating the Ghibli and Quattroporte into a single entity is in the works. Because of this, the next iteration of the Quattroporte will be a short-wheelbase [model] in the same vein as the Ghibli, but with the Quattroporte name.” It would appear that Maserati values the high sales volumes of the Ghibli but the prestige of the Quattroporte. Sales of the Ghibli accounted for 33% of Maserati’s total worldwide volume last year, while sales of the Quattroporte amounted to only 7%. After being a 2+2 grand tourer hardtop and convertible and a 4+2 coupe, the former nameplate returned in 2013 as a 4+2 sedan, while the Quattroporte has been on sale as a luxury sedan through 6 generations since 1963.

The MC20’s twin-turbo 3.0-liter Nettuno V6 is the ICE that will keep the Maserati roar alive. Next year, Maserati will release the GranTurismo Folgore, a high-performance electric sports car with three motors and about 1,200 horsepower that will be responsible for the company’s alternative sound.

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By 2024, the last of the Maserati Ghiblis will be sold, making way for the Quattroporte EV. posted on Autoblog on August 12, 2022, 9:10:00 EDT. For more information about how to use our feeds, please read our policies.