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Many fitness experts agree that one of the most important goals of a fitness program is to create visible and defined abs

Jeff teaches people the proven techniques that will help them cut through the layers of their ab muscles.



Strength coach Jeff Cavaliere C.S.C.S. walks through a series of exercises in a new video posted on the Athlean-X channel that target those difficult lower abs and can help you go from having a four-pack to a six-pack by using bottom-up motions rather than top-down ones. He says that a traditional bodyweight exercise for the abs, such as the situp, is top-down since it concentrates on moving the upper body, whereas what you should be doing is bringing the lower body up to meet the top half because this is what activates the lower abdominal muscle fibers.

Cavaliere instructs you to flatten your back down as he begins with a reverse crunch variant. As a result, the posterior pelvic tilt is produced, engaging the lower abdominal muscles. Try to fit your hands under your lower back to see whether you are doing this; if there is room there, you have an excessive anterior tilt.

Finally, the knees and hips should be bent 90 degrees when performing this action. Increase the hip angle and extend the legs farther if you want to make it a little more difficult. You might also draw your knees up to your chest as an alternative. The important thing, according to Cavaliere, is to maintain the angle you choose to utilize before moving the pelvis and the legs as a single unit. Again, to make sure you’re elevating your lower body enough, you can swipe your hands underneath to touch after each set. By doing so, you’ll extend the time your legs are up and give your abs more time to contract.

The seated knee tuck is another technique Cavaliere suggests, but you must lift your tailbone entirely off the floor and make sure your knees are nice and high. According to him, in order to activate the lower abs, you must produce the same posterior pelvic tilt.

Cavaliere also recommends a plank knee slide, an exercise similar to the mountain climber but in which you lift your knee at the end of each rep to once again tilt your body posteriorly.


However, he continues, if you’re not also making the effort when it comes to your nutrition, there is a limit to how much of an impact you can have on that area in terms of fat reduction and muscle-building through this strategy alone. Since abs are formed in the kitchen, as the old adage goes.

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