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Kevin Durant trade rumors: New Jersey Nets star target Philadelphia 76ers as ‘welcome landing spot’

The Celtics, Suns and Heat are the other teams that Durant would like to join.



As Kevin Durant’s pursuit of a trade from the Brooklyn Nets continues, it appears that he can add another team to the list of destinations he has in mind. According to SNY’s Ian Begley, Durant considers the Philadelphia 76ers a “welcome landing spot” along with the Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, and Boston Celtics.

Some high-ranking members of the Philadelphia 76ers organization are reportedly interested in talking to Brooklyn about trading for Durant, so his interest in joining them is mutual.

Here’s some more from Mr. Begley:

Something to remember: Some Sixers brass have been pushing for a trade for Durant to the Nets since at least earlier this week. It is unclear if there have been any developments on a trade between Brooklyn and Philadelphia. Earlier reports suggested that the Suns were one of Durant’s top preferred destinations for a trade. With DeAndre Ayton now in the Suns’ lineup, it’s hard to imagine them making a trade during the offseason. What should we expect next? Well, according to those in the know, Durant considers Philadelphia a viable alternative to Boston as a new home.

The Sixers would have to give up a lot, including maybe several draft picks, Tobias Harris, and the promising young guard Tyrese Maxey, in order to pull off a trade. The Sixers may not view this as a no-brainer. Adding Durant would undoubtedly increase the team’s chances of winning the title this season, but it could hurt their future success. Next month, Durant will turn 34 years old, while Maxey is still just 21. In addition, the Sixers would be left with few future avenues for improvement if they traded away several upcoming picks.


Nonetheless, that is not a reason for the Sixers to reject the trade. Many people think that a team that hasn’t won a championship since 1983 should sacrifice the future for the present. Will that be the attitude of Philadelphia’s front office? After sending James Harden to the Sixers in a trade earlier this season, it’s reasonable to wonder if the Nets would be interested in trading Durant to the Sixers. After all, they are rivals from the same division.

Both Durant and Harden have played with each other in the past, in Oklahoma City and Brooklyn. It appears that the tensions that arose when Harden requested a trade from the Nets last season have been resolved, as the two were recently spotted working out together in Barcelona. Durant has also previously spoken highly of Joel Embiid, the star center for the Sixers. When asked about Embiid earlier this year, Durant said the young star was “unstoppable.”

It’s easy to see why both the Sixers and Durant would be interested in joining forces, given that both teams have championship aspirations. In the upcoming weeks, it will be interesting to see if the teams’ discussions progress in any meaningful way.