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Ke Kotter admits she’d portray Whitney Houston in a biopic and in a viral tweet, Keke Palmer shares they ‘act exactly the same’

KeKe Palmer as Whitney Houston would have been amazing! KeKe’s fans and followers alike were very excited to see up coming.



What do you think of KeKe Palmer as Whitney Houston? We’re eager to take a look at it. The actress, fresh off the success of her latest film, Nope, announced on Twitter that she will play Whitney Houston in an upcoming biopic.

It’s time to start filming, people. In the theaters, we are about to cry, and I am prepared to admit it. Twitter post by Keke Palmer (@KekePalmer). Time: Tuesday, August 11, 2022

KeKe Palmer responded to a fan who posted a now-viral clip of interviews and career highlights from Whitney Houston by saying, “Let’s get the movie made y’all. I’m prepared to admit it: the theaters are about to make me cry.

Houston, who passed away in 2012, was beloved for her wit and her refusal to apologise for her genuine authenticity. Similar qualities in Palmer were on display during her time as host of the BET talk show “Just KeKe” and on “Good Morning America.”

The actress, who graces the cover of Women’s Health Magazine’s September issue, has always been open about her life and how she maintains a healthy work-life balance.


She said, “I learned it’s difficult to say no because we don’t trust.” We don’t believe that if we pass up this chance, another one won’t appear in the near future. Or, we aren’t confident in our own judgment to know that a “no” is the best answer. Or we worry about offending others if we firmly decline. But I realized that my stress level was highest because I said yes to too many things.

Also, Palmer mentioned that he believes this level of insight comes with age.

Previously, I would have said something along the lines of “Well, your career is over if you don’t do this.” I thought, “Physically, this is not possible.” this time. To make it happen, I would have to dishonor myself so severely that I can’t possibly say yes.

Keep being you, KeKe.