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Judge releases man who made Capitol bomb threat

A judge has ordered the release of a man who was arrested almost a year ago after prompting an evacuation on Capitol Hill when he threatened to detonate an explosive device he claimed he had in his truck.



A man who was arrested nearly a year ago after he allegedly threatened to detonate an explosive device he claimed to have in his truck on Capitol Hill has been ordered released by a judge.

On Wednesday, a judge ruled that Floyd Ray Roseberry, 50, could return to his North Carolina home while awaiting custody after spending a year in custody in Washington, D.C. According to the judge, Roseberry was experiencing adverse reactions to his medication on August 19, 2021, the day he made the bomb threat, because he had been prescribed the wrong drugs to treat his mental illness.

The suspect in the Capitol bombing case has been charged with making threats to use a weapon of mass destruction.

U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras ruled that Mr. Roseberry would not be a threat to the community if he was placed under the appropriate level of medication and supervision.

According to court documents obtained by the Washington Post, Roseberry’s attorney claimed that his client had been diagnosed with multiple mental health disorders, including bipolar disorder, at a young age. However, he has been in a downward spiral for some time now, with the summer of 2020 marking the low point when he reported feeling suicidal but being unable to get inpatient treatment.


The court papers state that a doctor instead prescribed him Adderall and Valium. When Roseberry drove to the Capitol building in his truck and demanded to speak to Vice President Joe Biden, he was taking all of those medications at once, as prescribed. After he reported having explosives in his truck, authorities evacuated the area.

After evaluating Roseberry, Teresa Grant, a behavioral psychologist, voiced her concern that he was given a combination of medications that are “contraindicated” for his diagnosed mental health condition.

Grant told the judge on Wednesday, “I think that’s what happened.” “It can contribute to a manic or a psychotic episode,” Grant said. Roseberry is “quite stable” now that he is taking a new medication, she said.

While Capitol police spent several hours trying to negotiate with the North Carolina man, Roseberry livestreamed the encounter. According to court documents, Roseberry eventually turned himself in to authorities and was arrested on charges of making terrorist threats and possessing explosive materials.

Authorities looked through his truck and found no explosives, but they did find materials that could be used to make bombs.


A few days after his arrest, Roseberry told U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui that he hadn’t taken his “mind medicine” in two days and wasn’t sure if he could follow the proceedings. Since his arrest, the North Carolina man has been detained in the nation’s capital.


Later, Roseberry asked to be allowed to return home to take care of his wife, so he could be released from D.C. custody.

In May, Roseberry disclosed to Contreras that his wife was undergoing cancer treatment and would be undergoing tests and procedures involving her lymph nodes and other areas of her body. There is no one to care for her if she needs chemotherapy.

Before Roseberry’s trial date is set, he will be allowed to return home.


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Original Source: Judge grants man’s release after he threatened to bomb the Capitol