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Join a 4Runner driver as he documents the recent flooding at Death Valley

Join a 4Runner as he documents Death Valley’s recent washout.



If you don’t follow the news or live under a rock like the video’s creator, Matt, you might not know that Death Valley was hit by unseasonably severe weather earlier this month, resulting in unprecedented flooding and the associated difficulties, such as damaged infrastructure. It seems that YouTuber SuperfastMatt decided to pack up his modified Toyota 4Runner and head out to the salt flats of Bonneville to see it for himself.

Though the obstacles he faced while driving north from the park’s southern entrance near Darwin, California, in his well-equipped 4Runner were easily surmounted, he did come across many stranded and struggling motorists along the road through the park. The road was rough but passable as they made their way through Towne Pass, and he put his winch to use freeing some stranded Europeans.

The video shows widespread destruction of infrastructure and numerous Europeans stranded on the ground. This short film is highly recommended if you are thinking about visiting a park. I was never able to grasp the big deal about flash floods. I guess you do now.

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