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John Cena said The Rock’s advice convinced him to take risks acting in movies Cena acted like himself without thinking about the consequences, which paid off and helped him pick up awards at the box office

John Cena nearly missed out on the advice he received from The Rock when he was being groomed to launch his Hollywood career.



The Rock once gave John Cena some touching advice on breaking into the entertainment industry.

Cena, 45, was answering questions at Comic-Con in the UK when he spoke.

The actor and professional wrestler claimed that he still has plans to compete for the WWE.

When starting out in Hollywood, The Rock’s counsel convinced John Cena to be himself — a “goofball, nude,” he remarked during a Q&A session at Comic-Con in Wales.

Huge action icons who started out in WWE are the two movie stars.


With roles in blockbuster films like “Furious 7,” “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” and “Moana,” The Rock made the leap from WWE icon to international superstar.

Following The Rock into Hollywood, Cena has been in blockbusters including “Trainwreck,” “Bumblebee,” and “The Suicide Squad.”

This week’s Comic-Con host in the UK questioned Cena about if The Rock had ever given him advise on how to break into the movie industry after a career in the WWE.

Hey, man, do you have any advice? I was able to ask him.

The Rock’s response might have soothed Cena’s anxieties.


Prior to his appearance in “Trainwreck,” Cena had acted in “The Marine” and a few other films, but The Rock’s response seemed to give him the self-assurance to go into the Amy Schumer comedy without hesitation.

He told me to “just be myself” and that “they asked you there for a purpose,” Cena recalled. “He, in that one remark, enabled me to calm down.” “Allowed me to be who I really am, which is a goofball,”

He stated “Trainwreck” gave him the opportunity to play that idiot “on screen.” “Naked.”

“He’s the reason I’m here,” Cena concluded.

I haven’t left the ring yet.


Prior to “Trainwreck” in 2015, Cena has only appeared in seven movies. But starting in 2016, he had 12 appearances in movies, and he has roles in five more upcoming projects.

Despite his hectic schedule, he hasn’t ruled out making a comeback with WWE. At the Comic-Con gathering, he declared, “I’m not done in the ring.” But I’m honest about where I am in my life.

As a 16-time world champion in the sport and a 45-year-old man, Cena acknowledged how “extremely challenging” it is to win.

So, I’m not done — but I’m not sure if it’s in the cards, he continued, calling “the top of that mountain” a “young man’s game.” We shall see. The story is yet to be written because if I’m in the ring, I have a chance to triumph in contests and claim yet another title.

Together with WWE legend Ric Flair, Cena holds the record for the most world title reigns.