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Jeannie Buss says that Michael Jordan is the Greatest of All Time

The Lakers owner was a guest on the show 2K23 and she made her pick for the greatest of all time.



In a promotional video for NBA 2K23, the Lakers’ owner was asked to name the game’s all-time great.

Fighting over who is the greatest of all time (GOAT) is as old as time itself. All people are entitled to their opinions, and some people in the basketball world undoubtedly have a vested interest in the topic.

Jeannie Buss, owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, did not proclaim LeBron James to be the greatest player of all time. She did not choose any of the aforementioned basketball greats. Instead, she chose Michael Jordan as the best player of all time in the latest promotional video for the NBA 2K23 video game.

Coach Buss is heard saying, “Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time,” during the video.

Two of this year’s many covers for the latest installment of the acclaimed video game series feature Jordan. Both he and his famous No. 23 Bulls jersey are featured in the “Michael Jordan Edition,” while the “Championship Edition” features only the jersey.


Jordan has been the undisputed greatest of all time (GOAT) for the better part of 30 years. All six times he made it to the NBA Finals, he came out on top. He’s won the regular-season MVP award five times, the scoring title ten times, and the defensive player of the year award twice. What I just mentioned isn’t even close to covering all of his on-court achievements that are highlighted in 2K23.

Launch date for the game is September 8.

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