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Is Tower of Fantasy’s official Discord? Answered

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The PC port of the new mobile game Tower of Fantasy is also quite good. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. Hotta Studio and Level Infinite released a game with gameplay and gacha elements reminiscent of Genshin Impact. It takes place in a free-roaming universe populated by fantastical and futuristic elements that players can explore at their leisure. However, you can still have a good time with other members of the Tower of Fantasy community even when you’re not actually playing the game by joining their official Discord server.

How do I find the Tower of Fantasy’s official Discord?

The developers have already taken the initiative to set up a very nice official Discord server for the players to congregate to in preparation for the release of the game. There are now thousands of active members, attesting to the community’s rapid expansion. Follow this link to access the Tower of Fantasy’s official Discord server:

Where can I find out more about the content of the official Tower of Fantasy Discord server?

On the official Discord server, players can chat with one another, share their experiences, and get help from the community. If you play long enough on this server, you might even meet some people you end up befriending in-game.


Some of the channels are dedicated to players sharing custom-made avatars, while others are dedicated to player-created fan art, videos, and memes. In other, more specialized channels, players can express their frustrations, provide suggestions for improvement, and report bugs they’ve come across to the game’s developers.

There are already enough people interested in the game for you to want to join them on this Discord server, and the fact that it provides a nice home away from the game for the fan base is reason enough to do so.