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I asked, “What are gifts used for in Tower of Fantasy?”

People can purchase gifts for anyone in the family or friends group.



One of the few ways to get consumables, materials, and currencies in Tower of Fantasy without spending real money is to receive gifts. That said, you shouldn’t skip out on giving presents if you want to increase your Weapon’s damage and unlock some new cosmetics and lore. You should also become familiar with the gifting interface, as you will need to give numerous gifts in order to obtain the best rewards.

Discover the benefits of gift-giving and how to maximize their impact in Tower of Fantasy.

Conceited tokens of affection

A Simulacrum’s Awaken screen is where gifts are delivered. Based on the amount of Awakening Points you’ve put into that Simulacra, you can choose from one of six tiers:

Attaining the Simulacra of the Player’s Choice will award the player 200 points of awakening.


1.200 Activation Points: Unique Characteristic to That Simulacrum

Increased from 1,200 to 4,000, Awakening Points are like a new and improved Trait system.

Shopping tips

Training points come from completing the various Training activities in the world, and Crystal Dust is earned by spending Vitality on Select missions like Joint Operation and Interstellar Exploration. The Challenge submenu of the Adventure menu also provides training options.