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How to use a Mighty Mushroom in Tower of Fantasy

Your endurance is the secret to your success.



If you want to make quick and easy work of Tower of Fantasy, it’s important to constantly improve your character’s stats. Fortunately, there are a number of consumables and items in the game that, when used, grant a temporary or permanent buff. One of these consumables that can permanently boost your endurance is the mighty mushroom. However, getting a hold of a Mighty Mushroom in the game can be a pain, and a lot of players may already be familiar with its capabilities. For those who are curious about the same thing, a manual is provided below.

Instructions for acquiring and employing the mighty mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy

You will gain more exploration points the more of that area you discover and explore. Below you’ll find the required number of exploration points to unlock Mighty Mushroom in each zone.

Warren- 750 XP for Further Investigation

Reward: 765 XP for the Crown


905 Exploration Waypoints in the Navia

Exploration Targets in Asteroid 965

Explorer Points: 1095 Banges

On the other hand, there are Mighty Mushrooms to be had as a reward for achieving certain goals. There are a total of 12 levels, and for each level you reach, you’ll earn a Mighty Mushroom. However, there is no Mighty Mushroom awarded for reaching the highest possible rank, limiting you to a maximum of 11.

Access your Mighty Mushroom by selecting it from the list of items you have available in-game. To use the item, click the Use button after selecting it. An additional 50 points of maximum endurance will be added after each consumption of a Mighty Mushroom.