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How to get strawberries in Fantasy Tower

A fruit that is ripe and ready to be picked.



In Tower of Fantasy, there are many ingredients to find that you can use for cooking. Meat, vegetables, and even fruits are a few of these items. Strawberries are one of the fruits you will discover. These delicious tiny fruit containers are waiting to be plucked and enjoyed, but you must first locate them. One of the more challenging ingredients to find is strawberries. They are located right here.

Strawberry locations in Tower of Fantasy

Strawberries cannot be found in the Astra region, so you won’t be able to find them right away in Tower of Fantasy. You will need to wait until you have read at least chapter two of the story in order to obtain this ingredient. You will be in the Banges area at this time. You should then turn north to reach the Navia region.

The game will inform you that you can get strawberries near shrubs in both the Navia and Crown zones if you check the info panel for the strawberry item. The regions highlighted on the map above in the northwest of the Navia region are where we have had the most success finding strawberries. On Raincaller Island, these spots are near the bridge and on the cliffs. Additionally, you can locate a good quantity of potatoes in this manner.

Uses for Strawberries


Strawberries are a game component that may be used at cooking stations scattered across the landscape. You may prepare sophisticated meals that will sate your appetite and heal your character if you have the necessary components. One of the few ingredients, strawberries are also tasty eaten on their own. A strawberry will grant your character two satiety points and heal them for 5% of their health.