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How to get onions in Tower of Fantasy

For a recipe, you need three ingredients.



A fresh Onion adds a delicious flavor that is missing from any dish. Onions are one of the more challenging ingredients to obtain throughout your time in Tower of Fantasy, though there are many others. Even though they are common in the real world, you won’t be able to just go off into the woods and find a patch of them growing in Aida. You’ll need to do some digging instead.

Guide to Obtaining Onions in Tower of Fantasy

The Aida market is a good place to find onions and other vegetables. You might only find one or two of these after hours of playing as a reward for achieving one of the many goals the game sets for you. You can’t grow Onions, so you must go out and buy them.

Astra, Banges, and Mirroria each have a food vendor for you to visit. In Astra, the game’s initial hub, you’ll find the first food vendor. She’s close to the first Ruin dungeon you clear. Depending on how quickly you play the game, you will find additional food vendors relatively quickly. Onions will cost 60 Gold from each of the food stalls.

Cooking with Onions: A Guide


Every item in Tower of Fantasy can be used to craft a nutritious meal that has a positive effect on your character’s health and Satiety. If you have the necessary ingredients, you can use Onions at any robot kitchen to prepare delicious meals. Alternatively, you can use the creation menu to cook up something entirely new. Not much of a benefit will be gained from consuming raw Onions, so we wouldn’t advise doing so. You only gain one Satiety point from eating onions by themselves.