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How to get Milk in Tower of Fantasy

Some ingredients need to be bought.



As you make your way through Tower of Fantasy, you’ll spend a lot of time searching for various ingredients. Some of these ingredients will be fairly obvious, sticking up from the ground; however, others may prove more elusive. Milk is one of the more discreet items. A very select few locations on Aida stock this item. It is easy to overlook this component if you are not looking in the right place.

Get Milking Instructions

Milk is a staple food that is used in a wide variety of dishes. That’s why it’s a shame it’s so hard to come by in Tower of Fantasy. You will need to track down the various food vendors if you want to get your hands on this precious ingredient. Milk is available from three different food vendors.

Banges, Astra, and Mirroria are all places where you can find these peddlers. Depending on how fast you progress through the game, you will unlock these areas relatively quickly. Buying Milk from any of these vendors will cost you the same 60 Gold. You should have plenty of gold on hand to purchase ingredients from the first food vendor you encounter.

Formula for Using Milk


Milk, like all other game ingredients, can be used at any of the robot kitchens. These are dispersed throughout the game’s various regions. If you have the necessary components, you can make ready-made recipes. If you don’t, the creative menu is there to inspire you to make up your own dishes. It’s possible to drink milk on its own. A glass of milk will restore 3% of your character’s maximum health and grant you one Satiety.