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As you advance through Tower of Fantasy, you can participate in a variety of tasks and challenges. There are many things to find in this game. You might start to notice telescopes as you get to the Navia region. You are directed by these Smart Telescopes to a constellation that you must complete. Restore the constellation by joining the dots, and you’ll be rewarded.

Location of the Draco Smart Telescope

Although the Smart Telescopes are spread out across the map, the Navia region has the most of them. North of the Banges region is the third region you will visit. Before you may visit the Navia area, you must go through chapter two.

The Navia region’s northwest corner is made up of Raincaller Island. You should keep an eye out for dangerous foes because this barren area of terrain is where they live. There is a sizable cliff with what appears to be a radio array on top close to the island’s southern edge. The telescope is perched on the edge of this cliff, so make your way there.

Solution to the Draco Smart Telescope puzzle


You must link the blue and red dots in the constellation in order to solve the Smart Telescope problems. By clicking the reset button on the right side of the screen, you can reset the problem at any time. There are two sets of red constellations for the Draco puzzle, one on the right and one on the left.

Start by joining the centre blue dot to the bottom point of the right dots. Connect the blue dot to the left of the red dot that is furthest north after that. The two blue dots that are near to one another must be connected. Finish the line by joining the red dot that is second to the most northerly to the bottom of the two nearby blue dots. Last but not least, join the top red dot of the left red constellation to the bottom blue dot.

When finished, the constellation ought to resemble the illustration above. The riddle will be solved after that, and you will receive a prize.